Measuring Impact

The Semi Truth about Tesla’s Truck

Can Tesla’s truck actually disrupt the industry? The ability of Tesla to succeed in the truck industry may come down to one number.  That number being 2.  If, as Tesla states, the Semi takes less than 2kWh to travel each mile, then it should succeed.  If it takes more than 2kWh per mile, than it…

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Revenue Capture and Productivity

SITUATION Companies create complexity and the costs of this complexity may be hidden from executives. Like the anecdote of the frog slowly boiled alive, complexities are added little by little before the magnitude of the problem becomes apparent. Such was the case with our client’s extended warranty program. The project aimed to provide transparency to…

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Economic Impact of a New Parks District

SITUATION In assessing the viability of a project, corporations generally use measures related to the future expected cash flow or profitability resulting from the investment. In contrast, usage and benefits accruing to the general population are often more important in the not-for-profit sector. However, these factors can be even more difficult to assess than ‘hard’…

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