Customer Experience / Customer Voice

VoC with a Purpose

Voice of the Customer with a purpose Have you ever launched a product based on the input of a salesperson for a national account and then wondered why others won’t buy it? Or added features only to find that the added cost prices you out of customer consideration? These are examples of failed strategy execution…

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Using VoC for Improvement & Growth

Using the Voice of the Customer for Improvement and Growth “The customer satisfaction survey results are in. Now what?” This should be a red flag if you hear this in your company. Collecting data from customers without effective analysis and a purpose in mind is just listening for the sake of listening, rather than listening…

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Achieving greater customer centricity

It’s conventional wisdom that loyal customers buy more, cost less to serve, and are therefore more profitable. As a result, many organizations are pursuing customer-centric strategies to place the customer front and center to their operations – but how do they get there and make it stick? The answer is founded upon a deep knowledge…

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