When to pay for a market report

Decision support for syndicated market research Experienced leaders know that research into markets, customers, and competitors can provide invaluable inputs to their strategy development and execution. First, a decision must be made between three basic research sources: doing it yourself, hiring a partner for custom research, or purchasing a syndicated report. Syndicated research is touted…

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Why Use Consultants?

ABSTRACT Anyone can hang a shingle on the web.  As well, there are multinational companies that employ hundreds of thousands of people with the consultant title.  There is no shortage of consultants pitching their expertise as the solution to your problems.  How do you decide when you should use them?  If you are going to…

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How to Get the Most Value from Consultants

ABSTRACT Consultants are expensive.  Their cost can be far greater than the fees you pay them if they provide bad advice or fail to implement the solution that you were counting on.  On the other hand, they can provide a wide perspective, specialized knowledge, or an outside voice for change that has a significant positive…

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