Customer centric vision: keep it simple

Customer centric vision: keep it simple

Vision. It guides strategy formulation and sets the tone for what’s expected in all departments. I encourage you to read the utility industry-focused Customer Experience Management: CX Vision Statement. It covers all the bases – the why, what and how – of defining, communicating and incorporating the customer experience vision into a company’s culture.  So, I won’t repeat those lessons but something else caught my eye: the description of the customer experience vision for Salt River Project, a leader in the J.D Power customer satisfaction utility index. Their vision is described as “rewarding, easy and pleasant”. This got me wondering how companies that are satisfaction leaders in other industries describe their customer experience vision.

Companies don’t often directly state their customer experience vision. Sometimes it’s specified in the corporate vision or mission statements. More commonly it may be gleaned from the way companies talk about their desired customer experiences in press releases or interviews. It took some digging but this is what I found for select 2016 J.D Power customer satisfaction leaders:

To be fair, my findings are not the outcome of rigorous research nor exhaustive by any stretch. Nevertheless, the similarities across these high performers is striking. Simple, easy, helpful – as a consumer these words resonate with me but is there further evidence to back this up?

Stop Trying to Delight Your Customers, based on a Corporate Executive Board survey of more than 75,000 people, found that “When it comes to service, companies create loyal customers primarily by helping them solve their problems quickly and easily.” Of the customers who reported low effort experiences, 94% expressed an intention to repurchase, and 88% said they would increase their spending.

McKinsey’s approach to customer experience improvement is guided in part by a survey of 27,000 US consumers across multiple industries. They conclude that companies must focus on providing a consistent, low effort experience across their customer’s end-to-end journeys. The firms that do this realize positive business results, including a 10-15% increase in revenue growth, a 20% increase in customer satisfaction, and a 15-20% lower cost to serve.

Vision is a key element in customer-centric transformations. If you are crafting your company’s vision then first get to know your customers and what they are trying to accomplish. For many, this will include making their lives less complicated. The mantra of “simple, easy, and helpful” that has worked for J.D Power customer satisfaction leaders across industries could work for you too.

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